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Related post: Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 09:32:58 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: ROAD TRIP rewardsThe story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real pthc 9yo vicky people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to nonude pthc accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, nor governmental areas, which the story is stages. If gallery of pthc a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offences you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws pthc evilshare regarding such. Sexual safety matters. This is fiction. Use protection, in real life.ROAD TRIP rewards wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%Their dozing off could have been underground russian pthc attributed to the `Kissing 101', leading to `Mutual Jerking-off 101', but the nearly two hours of instruction had left Zach and Barry totally spent in more ways than one by the time on the wall clocked in at eleven thirty."Almost midnight," Barry said, throwing pthc nudism both arms above his head and exercising a wide yawn."Um, right," Zach replied, taking a swift glance at the clock.Except to finish putting his pants ranchi pthc pthc back together, zipped and buckled up, Zach didn't make a move to get comfortable on the lower half of Barry's bed."How late are you allowed pthc porn models to stay out?""I'm eighteen. I can take care of myself."It seemed strange to Barry. However, he intended on making it pthc pthc pthc his business to pry. "Well don't you think your mom might be worried when you don't call or show up?"Seeing Barry wasn't going to let the subject die, Zach replies, "Yeah. I guess you're right." Hopping off the bed, refitting his teen jewels to conform to the tightness of february darkcollection pthc his pants, "I'll go give her a call."Barry didn't give it a second thought of `no goodbye', being he was ygold bbs pthc messageboard wiped out by his revved up afternoon, plus sexually drained by Zach jerking him off while making his seven and forum p2m pthc half inches explode. It didn't take more than two minutes, though he wasn't timing it, to get some shuteye."Well, that's that!" Zach said out loud, letting himself into the room."Huh?" Barry said, composure as when waking pthc 12yo torrent up in the morning.Sweetly said, Zach says, "Oh, did I wake you up?""Nope.. I mean yeah.. I mean I was sort of asleep."Zach smiled half a smile. "I called my mom. At first she was concerned I was calling from a hospital, but then I told her the truth I wasn't nude tgp pthc hurt or nothing. underground pthc She said it was okay to stay out late."Unlike twenty minutes ago, when Zach made him shoot his load all over his stomach, Barry was quite subdued, especially since he had dozed pthc directory off once."That's okay," Barry's eighteen pthc pedo porno illigal year old friend replied. "If you pthc tgp lists go off again I'll up and leave."So it took all of four minutes for Barry to nod off into dreamland. cumshot pthc As when a young toddler Zach got off the foot of the bed and lifted the sheet from around pthc jaxy Barry's middle cp xxx pthc covering him up to the shoulders. Like a caring parent he kissed Barry on the forehead and smiled at the heavenly angel with the golden hair. Looking around the room Zach spotted an extra empty bed. Dousing the lights he kicked his sneakers off and took up residence in it.% "Nice place you have here.""Thanks," Rashid replied, lifting his blue seachengines for pthc traditional nurse's top off overhead, his lanyard hanging down, credit card-sized ID falling mid-pecs, a patch of his almost black chest hair surrounding it.Robbie smiled, seeing the medium brown skin, a darker pthc 7 yo trail of hair connecting pecs and a hair-swirled navel."Why don't you get comfortable while I grab us a coupla beers?" Rashid didn't wait around for a reply.Ripping his muscle tee off above head, Robbie shook his head of hair out. Neatly wadding his shirt up into a pthc files flat mound, he placed it pthc young bbs on a chair. Last time he heard the suggestion to get comfortable he was in the guy's bedroom. If things went right he figured they would wind up there, so he kept it cool remaining shirtless for now."I can't believe I'm out of beer!"Though he preferred the low `octane' content of beer, Robbie didn't respond negatively to the bottle of JD and two glasses in Rashid's hands. With beer it might asian pthc video take longer, whereas JD could speed things up, get them to the bedroom sooner! "No problem," Robbie said with a smile.Since most everything had been said on the way back to Rashid's place, a rather elegantly kept home on the outskirts of Oakridge Springs Road, a highend residential area with a mix of homes and woods, their communication drifted pthc form towards action instead of words. Since they hit Rashid's pad, he had been the one doing the leading, stripping off his shirt just as they got in the door. Now Robbie was being led on foro pthc further when Rashid stood, turning towards the leather sofa, his hands already unbuckling illegal pedo pthc his belt. Had Robbie been a little more alert he would have noticed Rashid's return from the kitchen, barefooted. Being a pro at seducing other guys Rashid well knew it more simpler a strip, not being hindered by slipping pants down over footwear. It became a cinch russian pthc links to lift each foot young porn pthc out of his pants. He smiled while fondling his cock and balls through his xxx pedofilia pthc lowrise Hugo Boss briefs. In his quest to tease Robbie it wasn't tough noticing the signs of a guy wanting to taste his meaty crotch."Hot!" Robbie called out when Rashid quit the brief massage and lowered them over his humungous bulge.Allowing his briefs to fall from his torso Rashid let them fall to the floor and kicking them off to the side. He smiled when he pthc streaming lost Robbie's gaze, eyes falling to his pubes. It's only when Rashid boards message pthc reached over, taking Robbie's half-filled drink from him and setting it on the glass coffee table did he break off Robbie's trance."What tha?" Robbie gasped when Rashid picked up the bottle of JD.Holding his left hand under his 9c, Rashid tilted the bottle, splashing russian 15yo pthc its contents over his cock, the syrupy liquor coagulating on his dark haired pubes, dripping from his rather big balls, a thick coating over his hard shaft."Still thirsty?"Without words Robbie leaned forwards, reaching out to take Rashid's meat."No hands," Rashid said, his tone changing from that of a polite host to a commandant.Knowing the drill, Robbie replied, "Yes sir."It caused Rashid to smile.Sliding his ass off the sofa, Robbie fell to his knees, assuming `the position.'Delighted with the new servant on his knees, shoulders poised up and back, hands folded behind extreme pthc his back, Rashid thrived on the electricity of the moment.A new angle to servitude, Robbie licked around the base of Rashid's shaft sucking each tasty ballsac into his mouth one at a time. Two at a time was much too much for Robbie to `mouth'. He felt awesome each time he was thanked with a long sigh, watching Rashid's head tilt back, a pthc forums `good boy' when he returned his gaze upon Robbie.Suddenly terminating underground 13 yo pthc the licking and pube sucking, Rashid more ordered than suggested, "Bedroom"."Yes Sir," Robbie more than happily replied.However, when Robbie lifted his foot to the floor to walk upright, Rashid's hand to his shoulder, dictating, "Down boy," it made him tingle inside.Sidetracking him pthc fozya zep guide into the jon, Rashid gives strong suggestion, "Shower." Leaning down, opening a vanity drawer, Rashid took out two, followed by two more leather handcuffs, tossing them on the countertop. "After you dry off, put these on."Rashid was out of there leaving Robbie with two choices. His first option was to shower, young teen pthc illeagle get dressed and leave. Secondly, he could shower, place the handcuffs on his wrists and ankles and proceed with building the fantasy. The first part took cgiworld holynet pthc all of two minutes, utilizing the cake bbs lo pthc of soap over his entire bod. He smiled when his hand grazed over his full erection. After turning the russian pthc index water off russian illegal pthc he moved the three-paneled glass door to his right. Staring him in the face were the leather cuffs on the vanity. Studying them he took one of the cuffs in his hand. It's then he had a flashback to Miguel's bdsm party, Tino equipping him with the same look-alikes as the cuff in his hand. He didn't know Rashid well, but his crotch was signaling like mad to get the cuffs on and get out there for some hot bdsm play.%"So, where do you suppose our men messages pthc are?" Nicholas asks, cradling bbs lol pthc Anthony in the pthc tiny free pit of his arm."Only one way to find out!"On their way to seek out their other halves, they passed by an open door."Hmm, where do you suppose they have taken off to?" Nicholas popped the question as to the obvious, Tino and Jorge's empty quarters, specifically an untouched bed."Maybe they went down to the wine cellar to `hang'?" Anthony replied, picturing in his mind Jorge cuffed, ropes looped around one of the wooden beams, his bod strung up like a side of beef."It's not vicky pthc suck the impression I got from the two.""Explain?"Nicholas goes on to say, "Well just because Tino is into bdsm doesn't mean every man he meets has an interest.""I suppose," Nicholas says, free pthc hussyfan not about to bitzi ticket pthc cum argue the point as he hears the chime of midnight from the clock bellowing throughout the hallway from it's location downstairs."Will you look at this?" Anthony questions, something on a table drawing him into the room."Um, I really don't think we should be here while Tino and Jorge are out, Anthony?"Completely overriding his close friend's observation, Anthony says, "Will you the pthc look at these cuffs? I'd say he's ready to invest in a new set.""Tino probably pthc kids gallery has been at this fuck pthc for awhile," Nicholas comments, his hands helping him to pthc information site look over the well worn leather wrist cuff. "Nothing these days lasts forever.""I suppose," Anthony replies as he places the cuff back in its place,Nicholas alerts him, "Here," throwing it to himCatching it midchest Anthony places it with its mate."Now can we see what your stringbean is up to?"Side by side the two zeps board pthc buff men walk, Anthony stepping aside for Nicholas to turn the bbs pthc torrent doorknob. Standing there the half moon illuminating the bed and other areas of the dark room, Nicholas inquires, "What do you think? Should we wake them?"After a short giggle, Anthony responds, "They look real cute don't they, cuddled up in each others arms?"Closing the door, a sign of Nicholas in agreement, he says, "Well, it looks like it leaves us with only one option...""You take the sofa and I'll take the bed?""Y'know you deserve a heavy set of niptugs after that remark?" Nicholas jokes.Smiling, Anthony asks, "Promise?"With his lips turning pthc hussyfan girls up, Nicholas' hands begin at Anthony's stomach, hiking up his dark stomach trail, little vicky video pthc fanning out over his hairy pecs."Oooooooh," 100 toplist pthc Anthony sighs when his palms graze over his nips, hardening up at the touch. "Alright already... will you get to the punishment?""Y'know you're a real masochist?" Nicholas says, more as fact than suggestion."I guess that means you're the sadist!"With a sly look, a slight evil grin, Nicholas' fingers and thumbs close in on Anthony's pec nubs. Soon Anthony is sighing at the mix of pleasure and pain. "Ohh," he whimpers when Nicholas cuts it off, dropping his hands."And I thought you were all tired out!""Me tired, Sir?" Anthony gives him a look."Like I said. You're a real maso-man!""What are you gonna do about it, sado-man?"At the pool earlier, Nicholas sat down next to Tino and had himself an eye-opening conversation while pthc photo gallery tiny Jorge went off to play Anthony's favorite pool sport, chicken fights. He thought it no better time than the present to try out some of the images Tino video sex pthc painted in his mind. Reaching down pthc fotoplenka he wasn't surprised to awesome pthc find Anthony's cock all primed, hard enough to slip his hand aroung the barrel. "C'mon boy!""Hell yeah!" Anthony fotoplenka pthc rubr called out as Nicholas led pthc photos nudes him down the hall, his pthc private pics hand pulling at the pubic handle.%"Fuck preeteen pthc yeah!" Rashid remarked, his head dropping back for the umpteenth time. His knees butted up against Robbie's armpits, the catalyst needed to keep himself from advancing to the head of the bed. Alongside his willing victim's ribs sat his legs. For the past hour all was needed is a gentle hip motion to drive his 9c in and out of Robbie's pursed lips. "Time for a little reward?"Of course Robbie couldn't answer, nor react verbally except for a child top 100 pthc pthc photo pedo low moan deep inside his throat. The long leather lace pulled from a leather workboot, had been tied around Robbie's nutsacs, becoming an easier method accessible galleries pthc to Rashid's hand. A few tugs aided him pthc girls gallery free in receiving a more satisfying cock massage. At the same time it got his own rocks churning as Robbie arched his back. Half of Robbie's enjoyment was pulling his balls in the opposite direction of Rashid's hand motion, giving them both an extra kick forbidden sex pthc to their fun."Man, if I didn't have to pull an early shift I'd be going at this all night!" Not breaking contact it took only a moment for Rashid to lean over, tug at the night tori pthc table drawer, extract a square-foiled packet and sit upright again. "Ready forum pedo pthc porn for the buttplug boy?" He asks, not really expecting an answer.Of course Robbie wanted it. How could he not after his cp porn pthc eyes feasted on the wet nine inch fucking tool, glistening from the wavy light in the room, a result of candles lit moments after he was fastened to 2007 laura pthc the bed, eagle-spread. "Um," he gulped, "yes, sir."Dismounting, Rashid walked around the bottom of the bed unfastening the buckle of the cuff hugging Robbie's right ankle. Attached to a rope running under the mattress it fell to the floor. pthc little boys He made light work of the other ankle then hurriedly knelt on the bed, working fast before he lost his erection. Of course his hand-to-cock stroking helped keep it firm. "Gonna ram my buttplug right up your ass boy!"Robbie knew the drill. Even though he had never been chained to a bed before, he was well versed in the bdsm pthc sex free lingo, usual talk to heighten the experience. Playing right along Robbie fueled Rashid's desire telling him, "Be careful, sir," pleading even though he knew the answer.Not failing him Rashid replied, "You're joking, right?"Eyes meeting, Rashid expertly moved Robbie's legs to shoulder height, moving his tool in place, ready to park it deep within his pthc free foto anal canal. The cat and mouse play continued, Rashid saying stuff like, `I'm gonna bust your ass wide open', Robbie replying, dread on his face, `No... please, sir?' It made Rashid pthc collection pics smile, ironic at how Robbie begged not to be fucked hard, videos porno pthc yet pushing his bod down towards the bottom of the bed, a sign for him to dig in deeper. After awhile it didn't matter to either what kind of talk transpired.%"So," Anthony nonchalantly asks, clapping his hands together as Nicholas secures the door to their pics of vicky pthc room, "what are we going to do?"Nicholas had been racking his brains as they walked the hall. He recalled Tino saying `there ain't nothing like the element of surprise'. Before they had reached the door, he already had a smile on his face, thinking how Anthony was going to react to the sucker punch in his gut."Uggggh! Oh fuck!"He knew it wasn't anything kids pthc ddoggprn hentai major, even though Anthony doubled over, arms holding his stomach as pthc bbs new gateway if he had a bellyache. He started laughing his ass off, until he saw Anthony's white butt staring at him. On the armchair was a pair of pants either Anthony or Roberto had taken off pthc forum pthc illegal sex and strewn to the side. Like lightning, he grabbed hold of the buckle, pulling it from the loops.With hands on the windowsill, Anthony began to prop himself up, complaining, "That was a dirty trick!"It was about to get dirtier as Nicholas flung the belt through the air, waist height."Oh fuck!" came Anthony's reaction, his hands holding the cheeks sandra teen model pthc of his ass, about where the red stripe crossed both mounds."I never knew this could be this much fun!" When Anthony turned around, a frown on his brow, Nicholas was ready."You dirty little son-of-a...agggggggrrhhh!"Nicholas alicia julia lotr pthc recalled the information Tino rattled off to him as if he was a walking encyclopedia. Some men `lived' to have their balls tormented. He soon found out his best friend wasn't an exception as he held pthc mom torrent the doubled belt up, slapping it down on Anthony's pubes. It put him in a down spire, his knees caving in, both hands racing to his privates, bending over, the top of his head resting on the carpet."Well have you had enough boy?"Looking up while still holding on, Anthony looked to Nicholas.Hands on his hips, one holding the leather whipping tool, Nicholas looked like a giant. His smile grew bigger when Anthony's gaze slowly fell from eyes, to chest, stomach, then torso."Go for it, boy!"It was part of the play, quickly integrated with the action, Nicholas standing there inches from Anthony's chin. He had one last act of humiliation to pull on his `slaveboy'. As Anthony opened up, he threw the belt to the chair and dove into the bed."Bastard!" Anthony called out, watching Nicholas settle in, place his hands behind his head, getting pthc movie clip comfy as he split his legs apart.The game winding down dark collection pthc cp Nicholas replies as he sports a wide grin, "I know!"Not needing any coercion Anthony walked over to the bed gently walking on his knees to where Nicholas' meat lay, ready to be disturbed.%Dekker held on tight to the pthc i am fool opposite edge of his little boys pthc desk, bbs cp pic pthc hands bracing his bod, perhaps an equal force to fall into rhythm, pressing back as Jayab rammed his ten inch tool deep inside his guts. For certain, when the apex was reached not only did sweat cover both of them but his role book, other paperwork had experienced sopping up their skin as if a towel."Um, you're not going to tell anyone?" Dekker questioned Jayab.With one last banja bbs pthc cgi stab to completely eject his cock-fluid, Jayab propped himself up, leaning to ringo photo pthc Dekker's ear, nude pthc kids "I may. That is if I find out your ass is being used by anybody but me?"After issuing the warning Dekker immediately thought of the predicament he was in. How was he supposed to get around Dean Harriot's weekly fuck session? With deep thinking it seemed his ass play, the major part in his decision, outweighed Jayab's ten inch slab against Applegate's Dean of Students' eight inches.Pitted against fantasy, the reality of the situation returned, Jayab demanding, "I know you want me, so if you do you don't mess around with any other man lsm loita bbs pthc I might think about dropping by your office everyday. Get pthc alina it boy?"Trevor Dekker got it and how as Jayab jerked his hips forwards for the last time!%2B continued...Copyright 2008 T. Chase McPheeThis story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection without prior written permission by the 10yo nude pthc web author.
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